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Did you donate already? UPDATED


Hi all, sorry for the site not having a clear communication. This is what happens when everyone helps, and time passes - we get old links no longer working, and misleading information..

It's impossible to keep updating who runs what to everyone all the time - many people are helping, new mails are written every day, things change..

One thing has been, and is the same through all times, till present (October 2014): When bills have to be paid, and there's not made enough money by various deals and donations, it's the founder / Webmaster who pays the bills.

Any help is always very much appreciated, and Paypal is the easiest way:


Let us know if you have donated to support LMR. Or why you won't.

As we all know LMR is founded and financed by a few volunteers. It is their basic work that gives us the ability to share our passion. Since our number has significally grown and the demand on bandwith and computational power has grown too it is time for us to give back something on top of fame and honour for the founders and drivers of LMR to keep this idea going, to enable new inventions and whatever is needed to present our together-made robot projects to the outside world.

Your small donation makes the big difference. So go ahead and individually do something good for all of us. 

Keep in mind that LMR goes on and on so you can donate once, twice, weekly, monthly or yearly. Its good to know that LMR has some research & development budget to drive innovation.

And here you find the new Donation page.




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Regarding the progress bar: I was thinking about how to show what was going on, what hours was tracked already etc. We have been working for years with no money coming in, a lot of people mail around, and we have never met each other etc etc..There is no main office, no master plan.

So only 2 things are solid:

A) LMR lives, we are working on development for you, and it's not free (as in free ber) to do for us.

B) We are really happy to get some help.

There's a couple of drawings on how things with donation should work (made by me), but I will not ask Hugo to spend time on things that will not work out easily on that project. So for now, I am throwing up stuff as I can, manually updating.. and Hugo tells me that he is fixing something.. and then I take something down, and up, and.... - it's the fabric LMR is made from :)

Indeed. The progress bar seemed like a very arbitrary way to measure things. I don't know what's happening behind the curtain, to be sure, but I imagined it more like how you described. Thanks for the time and info. Carry on :)

not yet, i'm just plane flat broke atm.

Sure did. This place is where a lot of us got started...and I may be guilty of stealing other peoples circuits once in a while =)



Done a couple of days ago. But i could not use my LMR registred email address.


Sure did.

I've been spreading the good word of this fundraising campaign among those that follow LMR on Twitter and Facebook. 

If you've already donated, or if you can't afford to right now, you can still help more. Spread the word among your own social networks. Post on community forums, or your own social groups. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to kick in a few dollars to support something that YOU care about, because they care that you care. 

Feel free to reply to this comment and document where you've posted. Spreading the word can be even more powerful than the personal donation you make.