Let's Make Robots!

Did you donate already?

Let us know if you have donated to support LMR. Or why you won't.

As we all know LMR is founded and financed by a few volunteers. It is their basic work that gives us the ability to share our passion. Since our number has significally grown and the demand on bandwith and computational power has grown too it is time for us to give back something on top of fame and honour for the founders and drivers of LMR to keep this idea going, to enable new inventions and whatever is needed to present our together-made robot projects to the outside world.

Your small donation makes the big difference. So go ahead and individually do something good for all of us. 

Keep in mind that LMR goes on and on so you can donate once, twice, weekly, monthly or yearly. Its good to know that LMR has some research & development budget to drive innovation.

And here you find the new Donation page.




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This community has been here for my enjoyment and to assist in my learning over the years.  We should all give!

Donated !

and LMR got $50 USD .were is the rest ? it,s about $15 USD difference, im confused

After an investigation I have been told from Hugo that your 50€ came in. It's not 50$ but 50€. Thank you very much for this donation!

im glad it's all there. as im jobless at the moment, money is on my mind . thanks for going out of your way to clear that up for me . :)

Yes, that is certainly something for others to look up to.  I hope things go well in the job hunting.  I would hate to think this would cause you trouble later on.

Three cheers for Chuck.

Hoorah !

Hoorah !

Hoorah !


Wow, you donated 50 euro while jobless? You went above and beyond!

unlike most LMR members i don't have a wife or kids to support, besides if it was not for LMR i don't think i would get out of bed , sad but true .

LMR has given to me ,so im giving back . it's the right thing to do , well i think so :) 


Glad to help you guys out!

Keep up the good work!

Is it a mico paypal payment account or a regular account? Don't want LMR paying paypal more than you have to ;) paypal auto directs me to the uk site but its avaliable world wide (its also the only case where paypal lets you have two accounts) https://www.paypal-business.co.uk/take-micropayments-with-paypal/index.htm . Let me know before i donate every penny counts :)