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Hi all, sorry for the site not having a clear communication. This is what happens when everyone helps, and time passes - we get old links no longer working, and misleading information..

It's impossible to keep updating who runs what to everyone all the time - many people are helping, new mails are written every day, things change..

One thing has been, and is the same through all times, till present (October 2014): When bills have to be paid, and there's not made enough money by various deals and donations, it's the founder / Webmaster who pays the bills.

Any help is always very much appreciated, and Paypal is the easiest way:


Let us know if you have donated to support LMR. Or why you won't.

As we all know LMR is founded and financed by a few volunteers. It is their basic work that gives us the ability to share our passion. Since our number has significally grown and the demand on bandwith and computational power has grown too it is time for us to give back something on top of fame and honour for the founders and drivers of LMR to keep this idea going, to enable new inventions and whatever is needed to present our together-made robot projects to the outside world.

Your small donation makes the big difference. So go ahead and individually do something good for all of us. 

Keep in mind that LMR goes on and on so you can donate once, twice, weekly, monthly or yearly. Its good to know that LMR has some research & development budget to drive innovation.

And here you find the new Donation page.




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What do you folks think about putting together a video compilation to suppport the fundraising? We could all shoot short videos introducing ourselves and saying why LMR is important to us. A video can really help pump up response to a fundraiser.

Without restricting you to what you put in the video, here is some guidance:

  • Introduce yourself: Let people know you are a real person. Use your username if you don't want to share your personal name.
  • Tell people why LMR is important to you.
  • You can show your robot or robots, but don't be afraid to show your face too.
  • Keep it brief. Say whatever you like, but keep in mind that the whole video will only be a couple of minutes long. 
  • Include the phrase, "I make robots".
  • Take the time to set up for good lighting and sound quality.

If there are enough submissions, I can edit the videos together and release it. Post links to your videos in a reply to this comment.

That's a good idea. I will try to make a video tonight. 

If you get to it, let me know! I want to throw them videos out on the front page for everyone to see :D

The video could contain a message that makes sense in the context of fundraising. Maybe the video and corresponding documentation should put to http://www.kickstarter.com . That would open up yet another stream of income.

Andrew, what do you think?



Hi Nils. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Kickstarter for investors? Not Charity? Usually, depending on size of investment the investor gets something in return for their money.

So that would require a business model plan for LMR.

Here is my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SoSzgtM1pE

Sorry, I had to read it from my computer, english is my second language... 30 seconds is little time to say much, I tried to say what I thought it is important. Feel free to edit it if you need to. I'll email you a copy.

just watin on the ol' tax return :P

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to try some sort of robotics themed fundraiser event, such as a workshop for kids to make bots, and all the money from that could go to LMR.

That is what i've been looking for! I try to get robotics popular in our school