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Micro Robot Controller


This is my new Arduino compatible controller for 2012.

I have crammed as many basic features as I can into a tiny PCB and even written a library to help you use these features. The ability to drive 8 servos (3A maximum) directly from the controller make this an ideal controller for a small Quadruped or robot arm.

Because the motor controller uses a FET "H" bridge it has a very high efficiency allowing more power to be delivered to the motors. Built in current limiting has been set at 900mA so you can short the outputs or stall a motor indefinitely without damaging the controller.

Beginners can build a simple robot just by adding some small geared motors or continuous rotation servos for locomotion. The built in 3-axis accelerometer can be used to detect the direction and intensity of a collision eliminating the need for bumper switches.

The IR receiver allows the robot to be controlled with a TV remote. Using a suitable TV remote, there are at least 128 virtual buttons available. My library provides a built in SIRC decoder and impact detection routines to simplify your code.

Click on the photo for a bigger picture. I have attached a copy of the manual, It may need revision yet but it will give you a better idea of this boards features.

The video demonstates the use of the accelerometer as a collision sensor. If the program detects a collision on the left side it will turn the steering left as the car reverses to move away from the object. A collision on the right side will cause the steering to turn right as the car reverses.

A shield will be available later that includes a BlueTooth receiver and possibly a 3-axis gyro sensor for balancing robots and quad copters.

This controller should be available online by the end of March.


Micro_Magician_instruction_manual.pdf2.13 MB

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Bù kè qì OddBot.

I guess I have to write Claudia to ship one for myself to Shanghai ;-) I am most interested in the accelerometer (besides all these other nice features).

Wow that board looks packed full of features.

I love in the video how the car bumps its way out of a dead-end. It does remind me of someone trying to get out of a tiny parking space though. ; j

Actually the dead end reminds me of parking / driving in ZhongShan's small alley ways and backstreets.

When I buy a car here, I will be looking for the smallest car with the tightest turning circle.

Calculon can't wait.

I look forward to seeing what you can do with it.