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"Tipsy" Solar Powered Anti-Gravity Machine

Defy Gravity

Here are my first three attempts at creating an Anti-Gravity machine.

Its Solar powered just to take into account that when they do eventually work then they will not be tied to the Earths attractive forces.

The Roundhouse Bruce Version 3 (Executive Desktop Toy Version)

Basic Componant List

  1.  Solarbotics SCC3733 Solar panel
  2.  1381 voltage trigger 2.2V (i think)
  3.  1 Farad whopping big storage capacitor
  4.  1uf timing capacitor
  5.  2N3904 NPN transistor
  6.  1N914 Diode
  7.  Anti gravity disk (i have three left in stock).
  8.  Pack of assorted precious stones.

The Crescent Chan Version 2 ( best solution for soaking Sun Energy and promising antigrav tendencies)

The Long Arm Li Version 1 (primary Drunken KungFu phase)

The Gravity Limit ..............Or not ...... watch the Video to find out....

"Shift Happens" - overcoming centripetal force "Fail"

Pre-Meditative Nirvana, Shaolin monk style before AntiGrav experiments.

Order yours today before your Boss gets one..........

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I a reminded of this quote from 'The Full Monty'.

"Dancers have coordination, skill, timing, fitness, and grace."

Tipsy spins fast and rarely falls.


"Hot Stuff" in the sun...!!!

Super cool, is the antigravity disk the "motor"? Do you have more details on these things? 

The Antigrav disk comprises of a sturdy plastic/aluminium Volume control knob attached to a (5Volt) motor from a recycled cd drive.

The weight of the top compared to the bottom is critical - it actually only goes into antigrav mode when the motor stops and its own momentum tips it the eccentric motion follows.