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Here's my stupid question... Why can't I change my profile name?

I've tried several times since I joined this site to change my profile name.   I click on my profile, then click, 'edit', then 'profile', then type in my preferered user first/last name, then click submit.  They change on my page but when I post anything or type in the shout box, it still posts my full name.  

Just wndering why I can't change that?  Am I overlooking something?  

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birdmun, thanks for your quick reply.

I posted that same question to the 'contact us' form for the web page, and Frits said to just edit it in my profile.  I said that didn't work and he said he didn't have time to explain it and to please ask in the forum.  

So is it possible or not?

I'm sorry user 15275, but your username is one of few things in your profile that are set in stone. I am an admin of LMR myself and I know from experience. Severeal people asked us about this before.

This is not because we (the admins) decided to make it impossible. It's just how our content management system (Drupal) works.

Rik (1069)

I think he is referring to changing your first and last name displayed on your profile page, which aren't connected to your username.

There is no option to change your username. You can change the title of your user page, but, not your username. I can remove my name from my profile, but unless I create a new account, I will be birdmun.