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Remote telemetry on a budget!


As an additon to my arduino assisted RC truck project, I made a telemetry system for my truck, and I'm sure it will eventually end up being used on as a debugging tool on my robots too!

I used the following components from eBay (price includes shipping, but is approximate)

$10 RF links

$4 LCD screen

2 arduinos (already had them, and one of these will already be on any robot of mine)

free rotary encoder + ps2 decoder salvaged from a mouse.

I also ordered 10 thermistors ($2.50) but I haven't installed them yet.

If anyone has any ideas on how to calculate wheel slip, that would be fantastic!


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Best way I know to check for wheel slip is to put a sensor/counter on both the driven wheel(s) and a non-driven wheel and compare. Non-driven wheels tend to follow the terrain and not slip (not usually, anyway).

Another way would be to check the estimated movement from your drive wheels and compare that to actual movement derived from a GPS module.

Now the project has been shifted to a 4 wheel drive Slash, so having a free wheel to match RPM isn't possible. I was thinking of comparing the expected RPM with throttle input versus actual RPM. If it's higher than usual, then the wheels are slipping. Thanks!

Nice project. It's probably more of a 'something else' than a 'robot'. 

Can you post more info on how it works and share your code? This could make a nice tip/walk-through with a little work.

Also, very nice video work.

Thanks igNobleGnome. I don't know how to change it to "Something else" now. I am working on a video tutorial, i've got most of it filmed already. I probably won't post the code, but maybe some snippets. I don't know yet. As for the video, Thanks, I filmed and edited it on my iPhone.