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Horus Lambda

Pushes other robots out of the dohjo

Competition video added, some other nice bots in it as well:)

This is my 3kg sumo robot for this years Robot SM(the swedish national championship in robotics).  

It's driven by four Lynxmotion GHM03 motors with Lynxmotion TSR04 tires on the axles.

It will be controlled by an Arduino Mega 2560, which I'm going to program with plain old C. I will not have time to write libraries for the HC-SR04s in C, Wiring it is! :)

It sees the world via four SR-04 Ultrasonic sensors; one in the front, one on each side and one in the back. It also has got four TCR5000-based linedetectors with controllable gain pullup-resistors.

The H-bridge is my own design and based on TIP147/TIP142s. It can handle about 10A per channel and about a 100V(yes seriously).

Got the name from this: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=mechaname

The mechanics is mostly finished, the linesensors are finished and tested. Haven't found a way to mount the HC-SR04s cleverly yet


Linesensor closeup(lots and lots of hot glue there :D)

Update 2012-03-29

Mounted the magnets, the PSU(which I managed to short, need to replace the LM7805) and the ultrasound sensors, images below:

Sensors and stuff




The hardware is mostly done. I've added a video of it battling it out with a bottle of water. The code needs some adjustments for 100% speed as you can tell by the video :)

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If that thing ever escapes the ring, it will definitly go after everyone in the audience. It looks pretty much unstoppable. ;)

Very cool robot! Can't wait to see video's of its first victory matches.

Haha, yes it will. It has attacked my furniture and feet more than once :)

Thank you! I hope so too :)

That is a good looking build.

By that second video, it looks like he is too fast for the sensor processing, so he goes past the line /out of the circle.


Actually the grip was the problem. It reacts fast enough, but when it brakes it slides a few centimeters. I've almost perfected the code now, it can stay in the ring without big problems. And if it stays in the ring on my slippery(and somewhat dusty) hardwood floor it shouldn't have any problems staying inside the ring in the competition, since that's a 5mm steel plate :)


Wow, that sucker is fast.

Indeed :)


According to my crappy calculations the speed is about 0.5 m/s

Hmmm, it looks like at least twice that. In fact, I first thought it was even faster (about 2 meters a second), but I rewatched it and realised it was not as fast as my first thoughts.

My first robot (from maybe 20 years ago, but still around and working) moves about a meter a second, and it seems a bit fast to me also, but that was what motor and gears he had/has. I really like them to move slower, so I can see exactly what is happening and when (for ease in making adjustments, etc.)


I agree that it's easier when they move slower, a lot easier :)


But this is for a competition so I hope that extra speed and power can get me a shot at least :)

I can certainly understand that and agree. I wish you good luck in the competition.