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Magnetic servo clutches from DAGU

After years of being frusatrated by stripped gears in my servos I have finally done something about it. DAGU is now producing servo clutches to suit 8g and 9g miniature servos.

Unlike normal servo savers, Dagu servo clutches can be continuously rotated without damage to the clutch or the servo. They look like a servo horn but are a few millimeters thicker. They can be configured for both standard and continuous rotation servos. Here are some common configurations:

  • Lock - standard: soft locks at center position, springs back to center position if rotated less than ±90° from center position.
  • Spring - standard: no lock, springs back to center position if rotated less than ±90° from center position.
  • Lock - continuous rotation: locks into place at 90 degree intervals.
  • Spring - continuous rotation: no lock, springs into place at 180 degree intervals.

The video of the QuadBot chassis demonstrates the "Lock - standard" configuration. This works in a similar manner to a servo saver except that the legs can be forced around 360 degrees without damage.

The prototype shown here was lasercut but molds are currently being made. These clutches will not only be included in DAGU products but will also be available as a standalone item in online stores by the end of March 2012.

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This is great. As long as the prices are low enough, I am sure I will want some of them.


Yep, the trick is to adjust the clutch to the right "tightness"...so it will not slip and not overload the servo.

wrong post....

Well that's a nice gadget. But how about the slip...does it slip slightly when starting to move? I can imagine that "Chopstick" need a clutch with a lot of pressure to get moving.

These clutches are only designed for the miniature servos. I plan to do a larger/stronger version for standard servos with plastic gears. For robots like Chopsticks that use metal geared servos there is not as much need for clutches although the kit does have a spring mechanism built into the legs to help absorb shock.

I see, But still, it's possible that it slips when the force is to high...

Yes, Chopsticks is using metal gear servos...i forgot ;-)

It must slip if the force is too high otherwise the gears would be stripped by the force.