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Shamless LMR commercial

Hey everyone this is Doug (or targetdg15). I had just a quick second to offer my thoughts on LMR and the support raising. I'm not the best speaker but I mean every word. I just wanted to do a quick post. Look forward to a much better video comeing from ignoblegnome.... On that subject, we are looking for video clips from users to build that better video. See the "have you donated yet" page fro more ideas on the matter. Thanks all!

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This is fantastic!! :D

Mine on the other hand was rather shame"ful".........Hopefully it will pass by mostly un-noticed.

Think your place is small? Mine is so small, even the mice are hunchbacked..........

I think you pretty much sum it up with your DIT (Do It Together) statement.
Great to have you onboard !

It was a bit horrifying to open up LMR and see my face :)

Yeah Doug! Well said. Super cool. DIT!




please forgive the poor lighting, im working on a new space for videos, but me and my wife live in an apartment the size of a cubicle :)