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Platform and Motors

Hi there

I want to make my first robot, but i got some questions:

1) How do i make my own platform? I dont want to buy one, but i dont know which material i should use to build my own platform?

2) Which kind of motors should i use? (DC, Servo, Stepper) What is the difference between these ones?


Any other thing i should know before jumping in to robotics? :)


Thanks! :)  

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Sorry but don't get me wrong. If you need to ask this then I would really recommend that you try to build the LMR Start here robot first. Fritsl our daddy here did a good job with the documentation and you should be able to build this in one afternoon. Most important, no draw backs and problems, it will just run like a charm when you follow the instructions.


Ok, first robot and no idea how to build?

Just look around. In my projects (and many others on LMR) you will find a lot of different platforms...some are bought and some are self made. My Platforms are a computer mouse, a toy car or Popsicle sticks

Just see what is working for you. Rover 5 (search it on LMR) is good too as many other commercial platforms. 

The choice of the motor is also yours. I recommend servos for beginners since it does not need any additional driver for the motor.

I just want to ask you, how you mount a ultrasonic sensor on top of a servo? 

Fx, Can i mount this sensor on top of this servo using this stand? 

It looks like as if the two screw-holes from the stand are further apart than the holes in the widest adapter of your servo. The stand's spec says nothing about the screw-hole distance. It looks like that with your small servo you have to handcraft a little adapter.

Have you seen this one?



I found the screw-hole distance here, and it looks like you are right.. The distance is to wide... 

The mount in your link looks really nice! But i would really appreciate if i could buy the mount from robotshop.com (I'll buy my other parts from that shop) Sry..