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electricty from walking

durining walking it generates electricty

when we walk it generate electricty.the electricty can used upto charge a mobile phone.

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Hey, I like your idea to reuse energy. Can you post the exact method you used to make this. I am interested in making one for myself. And if your teacher thinks this is useless, don't attend her class. This is good. Just post the exact method above so that people can understand how to make it.

The Canadian military started using this device a couple of years ago. Is really cool.

so thanks for the replay.i am so happy that some of you like my inventions

now reduce the size of it, attach one to each joint of your limbs and power your phone while walking.

nice idea, well done!

so thanks for the replay.i am so happy that some of you like my idea. thanks for the comment.i would try to reduse the size

running charging mp3 charger?

This made me think about using a piezoelectric material for energy generation. 


However, the power generated would be very small.


so thanks for your replay.i am so inspired with your replay.i am a high school student.my teachers said that its a waste,but now i know that its not waste.now i am going to make something with piezoelectric

Silly teacher. It's certainly not a waste if you learn something from it!

Nice. A technique that could also be used to recuperate energy in a robot. Can you post more details?