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Jansen brainless horse

Not walk, but the legs move in a kinetically pleasing way

So this is a theo jansen type kinetic horse that can't walk and doesn't have a brain. 

Basically the connections are all very loose and the motor is just not strong enough, I might have a go at some point putting in a servo and hooking it up to the arduino, but we'll seeee, this is all it is for now. 

I drew this up in SketchUp, it's 3d printed plastic, originally wanted to print it in one piece, but that was too expensive, so ended up breaking it up into seperate parts, had them printed, and then stuck it all together ikea style. 


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looks like a robot to me...

You guys are probably right, and I will try this at some point. The only issue will still be the loose joints though.

Like you can see in the picture, the front leg is resting on the side of the bottom of the leg, rather than on it's "foot", which means I will probably be able to make it move if I gear the motor down further or add some better control, but it's unlikely that the way it will walk will be very good, it'll basically be dragging itself along because of the connections between all the parts aren't very tight.

Will have a go at it though, and will upload the result! Thanks for the feedback!

this looks very cute! i love it!

I have to agree with IG.  A gearmotor will solve your "too weak to walk" issue.

That being said--VERY cool project!

You say it won't walk. Perhaps you need to gear the motor down some more. It will be slower, but more powerful.