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My Homemade Pocket Watch!

tells time the steampunk way.....

I really love steampunk, and i've always wanted to have some victorian-era things.

one sunny day, i saw an old wristwatch, a chain from my wallet, a metal cup, and a can of hairspray, then all of a sudden, a eureka moment occured, A POCKET WATCH!!!

i'm wearing this thing in school, i'm very sorry wristwatch, but you have to go....

so here are the pictures of the finish product:

here you can see it's size, it's as big as my pet turtle:

let's take a look inside:

the whole clock mechanism came from an old wrist watch. the front cover came from a metal cup with a small hinge the i have created from scrap metals, you can see on the cover side that i have etched my "pseudonym" on it.

here you can see the clock mechanism, i have created another hinge in the clock's face so it can be opened and i can adjust the time and change the battery when it is flat:

here is it's back view, it is created from the but-end of a hairspray can:

side-view, the lock mechanism is the hardest part to make, but it worked :

front cover on the insides:

face with a 24-hour sticker attached (i'm used at 24-hour time):

last look:

don't judge my work, it's my first time on a full metallic project.

that's all for now!

cheers! - ⁰ℨ

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No judgements here. Nice work for your first metal working project. May it be the first of many.

hahaha, thanks Ig, it gave me a few thousand scratches, but for the sake of my surname, it should be the first of many!