Let's Make Robots!

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more picture and video please ~~ 

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Hello springvirus, If you go to www.instructables.com and search turtleduino there will be a lot of pictures and step by step on how to build the turtleduino.

more picture and video please ~~ 

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Hello, TurtleDuino got accepted in the instructables.com Arduino's contest. Really good news, so don't forget to vote for the little guy.

Thank you for all your comments. Yes, omniwheels on the front would be nice. The mohawk makes it look like Marvin The Martian from the Bugs Bunny cartoon. I got the idea after a comment made by Dan M. a couple of days ago. Yes, the head is made of pvc, and the shell is made out of very light alluminum. Go to instructables.com, (Click on Arduino on your left and you'll see TurtleDuino there) and look at the material list and you'll see what I used for the head and the shell. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.

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Am I right you did made the shells out of pvc bends? This is the robot of the week if you aks me.. :D Great personality.

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That is definitely a cool look, especially when he had the robot car move in front of him and he looks around quickly like he is wondering where that came from and if there are more...

Sort of like a Martian Turtlebot, now.

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Heh.  It's got to be one of the cutest OARs on LMR.

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This is really sweet!!!   As mogul said I'd change the front wheels to something less grippy.  But thats being a little picky- what you built is awesome. 

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Jup, hard shelled and damn slow. But it looks freakin awesome!

Its like differential steering is not optimal for a four wheeled contraption. Perhaps you could try with some hard front wheels, not the sticky rubber ones you have now, but something that slips really easy when dragged sideways.

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Some omniwheels for the front would be perfect. They'd let you turn with almost no resistance.