Let's Make Robots!

"Bob" 1 Medium Duty Mobile Robot

Carry stuff around (eventually)

This is a custom mobile robot base.  It will carry an addition 30lbs of payload.  

The chassis is laser cut from 1/8" Aluminum and uses two Globe12VDC motors w/ HEDS Encoders.

It has the following features:

  • Arduino MEGA 2560
  • Ardumoto Motor Driver Sheild
  • Zagros Robotics Power Distribution Board
  • Prototying Sheld
  • Blue SMiRF bluetooth modem
  • (2) 12vdc 7amp/hr sealed lead acid batteries.


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Looks a lot like my project. You probably will want a larger caster than that.

We are using a 3" caster which seems to work pretty well.  What size caster(s) are you using?

I also use a 3" castor. I drive the robot caster first and found that it has issues with a lot of little edges. I use my robot at work to carry computers and printers around. So these are "Real world" results. My robot can drive wheels first over these obsticles and easily drag the castor over them but it won't drive castor first over them. My wheels are 6" and I am looking for a caster close to that size for my next version.

Bob was designed to lead with the 6" drive wheels, so we haven't had any problems with the casters getting hung up (yet). 

I was wondering where your Arduino Mega was placed?? :D

At first, all of the electronics were placed down in front near the drive motors.  However, we found that this made it hard to get to the boards, so we moved everything up above the casters.  This made life much easier.


Very well made chassis. Looks like you can do a lot of cool robotics experiments on that one.

Where have you get motors? They look very nice!

This robot uses the Globe 455A417-A02 12vdc motor with quad heds encoders.  


Globe 455A417-A02



The layout of this robot is simply beautiful, so clean and symmetric.  It is so powerful as well.  I have added the zagrorobotics site to my links, I can see wanting some of those motors one day.  Wonderful work, thanks for showing it to us.