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The FetaDuino

A full-on Arduino board, LCD controller and X-Bee Support


Ah yes, the FetaDuino.

It's the best gosh-darn Arduino-based LCD controller, named after cheese, that you will see today.

It goes with everything!

The FetaDuino is the brainchild of Mr. Patrick McCabe of patrickmccabemakes.com. Originally, it was designed for use in stationary control panels and handheld transmitters. It contained a “full size” atmega 328 and through-hole components. I personally have a couple of these original designs and they are simply fantastic. Building on that original design, Pat, with input from me, redesigned the whole board to use SMD parts which allowed the addition of voltage regulators, extras like on-board EEPROMS and of course, room for an X-bee. As it stands now, the FetaDuino is an incredible stand-alone unit capable of not only running the attached LCD but could be the main microcontroller for almost any project.


The FetaDuino Features:

  • Atmega 328

  • External 256k EEPROM

  • X-bee headers

  • No need to unplug X-bee for programming

  • 5v Regulator

  • 3.3v Regulator

  • On-board battery monitoring

  • Bright blue back-mounted LED

  • Dedicated i2c lines with 3.3v and 5v available

  • Access to SPI lines

  • Access to interrupt lines

  • LCD backlight brightness control via PWM

  • Did I mention an X-BEE!?!

  • A PCB footprint no larger than that of a 16x2 LCD

  • Low profile design


  • A standard serial or i2c LCD

  • Control Panels

  • Transmitters

  • Receiver and LCD for robots

  • Data Logging

Contained in the kit:

Here is the Instruction Manual

Here is a zip file with some super-simple example code


Here are just some of the projects that have already been built around the FetaDuino:


Designed by Mr. Patrick McCabe of patrickmccabemakes.com


Pat's original transmitter design


Rocket Brand Studios transmitter prototypes


da Vinci (CNC-style Etch-A-Sketch control via a FetaDuino)


Walter the Robot's motor controller display


Stand-alone extruder control for 3D printing via CNC


The ReFloaster:
The best gosh-darn custom-made toaster-based reflowing system ever created. This is actually the workhorse of the FetaDuino assembly process. Each and every FetaDuino is handcrafted, populated and reflowed right here in America using good ol' Yankee ingenuity.



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good stuff my friend...... how are you?

You really went berserk in it :D

Im really curious to know from where did you get the inspiration for the name .(Feta its a greek cheese by the way, dont know if that has to do witth this )

As you can see in the video, the FetaDuino is analogous to cheese in so many ways. So it is only natural that it is named after a cheese.

We are paving the way for cheese inspired electronics. 

I don't know who's more cheesy, the fetaduino or the joker doing the video. It's been a little quiet here with you slaving over that cnc project. Good to see you posting something new. And it looks great.

very very very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must look into getting this someday. Loads of uses with this. And i must say...the price isn't bad at all.

I must say I really like the layout/features for the price.  I'm really interested in that transmitter prototype, you ever plan on selling that?  I could make one sure, but a kit with that would be worth it to me, and based upon your other prices i'm guessing it would be well worth it.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

The transmitter is just around the corner. I am just putting the finishing touches on the instruction manual and assembly instructions. At the same time, we just sold out of the FetaDuino. We are racing to finish the 2nd batch of units as we speak. When they are ready to go, I will post the transmitter.

Again, just around the corner --keep you eyes peeled.

Are you going to make this with picaxe, or somthing else with picaxe??

Would be really cool........