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Polycarbonate 90° bevel gears with aluminium mounting brackets

When you build robots, sooner or later you will need a 90° bend in a drive shaft. Crown gears are fairly common but the teeth are relatively small and strip easily.

DAGU have now produced some relatively small, polycarbonate bevel gears to help solve your gear train problems. Unlike crown gears, bevel gears have a longer, tapered tooth that is much stronger and harder to strip.

Polycarbonate, like nylon is a tough plastic that will bend or flex rather than break or shatter. It is also transparent allowing these gears to blend into your robot's colour scheme or be backlit if desired.

The samples shown above are emerald green but the final product will be transparent. Use RGB LEDs to make them change colour!

Naturally we will produce mounting brackets for the gears. The kits will include two different aluminium mounting brackets. The mounting holes are typically 3.5mm diameter to accept either 3mm or 1/8th screws.

For maximum flexibility the holes for the shafts in the gears and brackets are only 1.9mm so they can press fit onto a 2mm (5/64th) diameter shaft. They can easily be drilled out to suit larger diameter shafts up to 4mm (5/32nd).

This product will be available by the end of March, 2012.


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I like it! Gear motors are relatively pricey. Simple ungeared DC motors are cheap, cheap, cheap. Adding gearboxes is hard, if you cannot find a nice set of gears and brackets to place them. This could be a very nice line of stuff.

So, does this mean we can expect to see more basic drive train parts?  Other gears?  Sprockets?  Chain?

That would be so cool.

But in case I seem ungrateful--these are great!

I think that there is a lack of good quality gears, brackets and shafts available in the market. The big problem is determining what system would work for the greatest number of customers.

As molds are very expensive I need to create a gear train sytem that would suit a large number of customers.

Wow.  And I was half kidding.