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Little Black Duck - 12g, 2Kg/cm miniature servos from DAGU

Have you ever built a robot and then found your miniature servos were not quite strong enough?
Get yourself a flock of ducks! DAGU's little black ducks!

DAGU are now selling a 2Kg/cm servo that is only slightly taller than a standard miniature servo. The height difference allows for thicker, stronger gears and a bearing to support the load.

I have tested this servo by lifting 2Kg of water in a bottle with the string mounted 1cm from the centre of the horn. I used a regulated 6V power supply. This is a true 2Kg/cm servo. The gears are plastic but they are stronger than a standard 1.5Kg miniature servo and the bearing on the output shaft ensures low friction under load.

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Wow.These look like they'll kick the butt of the little blue 8g servos. Can't wait to see them in the shops.

Do you know if Jameco will carry them, and how soon? I've got an order going in very soon.

Hello, Jameco now carries the Little black duck as well as other Dagu products, including the Micro Magician robot controller

I have just sent an email to Jameco with details on the Little Black Duck servos. We will have to wait and see.
I have just sent an email to Jameco with details on the Little Black Duck servos. We will have to wait and see.

I guess it wont be more difficult to mod these servos for continous rotation than any other servo.

But if your offer still stands I'll gladly mod a few for you and recieve the left half of Walter in return *insert joking smily face*

They are fairly easy to modify. Just cut off the stop for full rotation, drill out the key with a 1.2mm drill (3/64th) so the gear spins freely on the pot shaft and a dab of hot glue to lock the pot. For now we will only sell unmodified servos but later we will try to get the factory to modify them if we have big enough orders.

I would give my left [insert random body part] to get these little guys in a full-rotation version. I mean, torque, size and a ball bearing output? It would be a killer drive unit.


Yet another one I want to use in my kits --You guys are on fire over there, Oddbot.

Where, how soon and how much?

Man, I am still itching for that Magician...  ...now you got me itchin' to build a  ducks-a-pod.

Coming soon!, very soon.