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UGV trainer kit - Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Typically when I hear the words "Unmanned Ground Vehicle", I tend to think of military and off-road vehicles but these days big companies are investing millions of dollars on cars that can drive themselves.

This kit is an affordable beginners kit to help students and hobbyist learn the basics. Using the Arduino compatible Micro Magician robot controller with it's library of basic control functions ensures an easy and fun learning curve.

It comes with a sensor PCB at the front that reports the position of the steering and includes 4x pairs of IR LEDs and phototransistors that can be used for line following or edge detection.

Just using the basic chassis with the Micro Magician, students must learn to:

  • Use PID to control the steering motor with the sensor pot providing feedback.
  • Program the car to do 3 point turns.
  • Follow a line to navigate.
  • Use the 3-axis accelerometer to detect magnitude and direction of a collision.
  • Use the 3-axis accelerometer to determine the angle of the vehicle.
  • Use the 3-axis accelerometer for dead reckoning navigation.

An additional quadrature encoder will be available for enhanced dead reckoning navigation. There will also be a bluetooth module allowing the car to be controlled by an Android phone or send navigation data to the phone. The large flat area at the front of the car is an ideal location to add additional sensors such as range finders or even GPS.

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Hallo Mr.oddbot im from Indonesia and i very very beginner, I would like to ask you about the car UGV robot chassis and micro magician robot controller, yesterday I bought the UGV chassis and magician micro controller but I have no idea how to build a robot is especially encoding steering robot with feedback potentiometer can you provide an example code for this robot.

if you do not mind could you send your code to my email ( diekonet1@gmail.com )especially how to steering a robot using potentiometer feedback like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bd1FIBiKBTY, im using ugv car robot chassis and controller like this site http://letsmakerobots.com/node/31924

thank's a lot for your concern and sorry if my english is not good.