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Arduno Home Robot

Hello, I am planning on making a butler bot or home bot what ever you want to call it. It is going to use an arduino for a brain. Anyway I was wondering about what I should make it do so I am asking you to be creative and tell me; If you had your own robot that could do anything what would it do?

Be creative any Idea is appreciated.


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I would fit it with a bunch of liquor bottles and when I shout "Margarita" at it it would stir and bring me a nice cocktail.

"Arduino Sexbot.". I think it's pretty obvious, isn't it? You know what you have to do;-) (PS-if anyone knows where I can pick up a Sex shield, send me the link!) Seriously, I'm toying with one that senses motion with IR and moves towards the source of the motion, stops on a sonar distance, then offers it a drink or snack from a tray on top, possibly with some kind of audio cue explaining choices linked to sensors in the tray. It would be more of a server-bot than a butler-bot, but would still be fun at parties. The problem is in making it large enough that people don't have to bend over to select their beverage or horse' d'overs and smooth enough not to spill. Also with that much in/out it will probably require a mega.

Thanks for the great Ideas. Everyone else fell free to reply too.

Probably not too creative, but if I had a home robot that could do anything I would have it do all the 'housekeeping' jobs that bore the heck out of me!  High on the list would be anything to do with cleaning, yardwork or maintenance projects.


  • Monitor your e-mail or LMR RSS feed (e.g., Totoro Yamada's e-mail checker robot)
  • Announce you have physical mail (e.g., Gareth's Cry Baby)
  • Wake you up in the morning (e.g., isotope's Mr Wake)
  • Attend a meeting/function in your place (e.g., brantlew's telepresence robot)
  • Serve drinks (e.g., a barbot)
  • Announce the weather, news or other info from online sources
  • Tell jokes, play games, speak in a snooty accent (e.g. Chris the Carpenter's Walter)