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Mini Makers Faire - ShenZhen, China - LMR will be there!!!

Much to my surprise and delight, DAGU will be attending the Mini Makers Faire in ShenZhen. We will also try and setup an LMR stand. I know this is short notice as the Faire is only 1 month away but I would like to invite LMR members to attend or at least send in one of their robots.

Links to photos and videos will also be welcome. I will get the photos printed and use them as a backdrop. I will have at least one large computer monitor playing LMR videos.

I will have Chopsticks there but it would be cool to have a few other LMR bots as well. I have attached a JPG file with DAGU's address in both English and Chinese. Print the address out and make sure it cannot accidentally get ripped off (cover in packing tape is the best way). After the Faire I will return the robots to you as quick as possible assuming you remember to include your name, address etc.



Well, the faire is almost here. Because not many Chinese know about hobby robotics, I selected photos from LMR that represented just about every type of robot you can think of. From simple robots made with icecream sticks to full humanoid robots. I did the banner artwork in high resolution that just about choked my computer so that they could look closely and see all the details.

The original banner is 2.8m x 1.8m @ 300dpi giving a resolution of  33,071 x 15,354 pixels. Here is a much smaller one for you to look at. Click on the photo for a bigger image.

All the photos were Hi-resolution photos found using Google. I downloaded over 100 photos.

I think the banner has about 98 photos.

DAGU_address.jpg622.85 KB

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Yey my little mormon bot is on the banner :D

if the maker revolution ever gets a foothold in asia we are going to see some amazing stuff.


And my hand trackers in there too.

The best thing is that next week I will have a cool decoration for my office wall :D

Hi Oddbot,

 nice job we should have some posters made and sell to make a little cash for the site if that would be ok with you I know I would like to buy one for the shop wall


Actually that was one reason why my banner does not have any text such as "Makers Faire ShengZhen" on it. I wanted it to be a general purpose LMR banner for any event or just in the workshop.

The banner is printed on a sheet of plastic with metal reinforcement rings around it so it can be tied up easily.

I can get them printed very cheap here but a 2.8m x 1.8m (about 9 feet x 6 feet) banner will still cost about $30 - $40 due to shipping. If someone in America wasto buy from us in bulk (at least 10) then the shipping cost per banner would be significantly reduced. Once in America I belive the shipping cost become quite cheap.

And my Z-39 is in there too :D

Great job OddBot !

The baner looks beautiful! Nicely done OddBot! Unfortunately I've been busy with other stuff and didn't finish my µBipediono to ship it to you, I always said there is time, but looks like I ran out of it and I'm still busy. Spring has come and I started working on the bees stuff (boxes, frames, lids, bottoms, polen traps, queen rearing planning, spring treatment, feedings, oh my!) so my time for robotics got restrained to participating in the forums while I'm resting after a long day of work and in the morning before I go to work.

I re-read your post but I did not see a date for this event. What is the exact date?

The 8th of April.

It doesn't matter about the robots too much. DAGU will have 2 booths next to me full of robots. My goal is to show the Chinese public that robots are a fun and constructive hobby that can help their children learn new skills. My booth will show them that people from all around the world are not only having fun with robots but helping each other learn.

As well as the big banner I have downloaded 2.4Gb of LMR videos that I will have playing continuously on a big screen and Claudia will translate for me.

Chopsticks and the Wild Thumper fire fighter will be there although they may not be in working condition. Unfortunately I have been very busy preparing new products.

Hi, OddBot!

I'm away for vacation, but as soon as I'm back I will try and send my LineIronBot over to you.

Good luck! Will be monitoring the site for further info about/from the event.

Arghhh!!! Looks like I woun't be in time to send my bot over unfortunately :(((

Best of luck anyway! Will wait for your posts about the event! :D