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Speakjet project with a PIC

Greetings everyone.


Im working on a project that has a componant to it that uses a speakjet chip to produce random strings of allophones.  Im pretty sure I know how to get this to work.  Problem is I have never programmed anything before. 

So im not really sure where to start to learn, whats the best language, chip, etc.

Basically I want a PIC that will use an antenna reading voltage (so any electrical, static, or emf in the are will produce a reading).  The reading off the antenna will be compared to a constant 5volts that is already on the board.  The difference in the voltage of the antenna compared to 5 volts become a number that is used on a lookup table.  This table will containt 1-72 (all the allophones the speakjet can say). Then the string to play that allophone will sent to the speakjet and played.


This will result in a speakjet that is relatively quiet, but when it gets near some source that can be picked up, it will begin to make lots of random noises because it will just be spouting random allophones.  This is what I need right now.


So Bascially Im asking what do I need to learn.  Im at the point where I just dont know the "keywords" such as A/D conversion, lookuptable etc.

I need to read about how to:

Read an input

compare input to a defined voltage to create a new number

how to then use that number to correspond to a table.

How to make a table of speakjet strings

send that string to the speakjet.


I really hope someone can help me with this.  I have asked in a few places and have mostly just been ridiculed for my lack of knowledge.  Im very good with circuits and mechanics, i just have no programming experience.



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Yes, you are taking a relatively big jump into the pool. I think merser said it well but I don't want that to be discouraging. Without getting too down on anything, if you follow merser's advice (which is good) then you should look in the PICAXE manual 2 for commands like READADC, SERIN/SEROUT, perhaps HSERIN/HSEROUT, and LOOKUP/LOOKDOWN. These should be relavent to your inquiry. If you think the humble PICAXE might have the power to do your task then absorb manual 1. Have a good look at manual 3. If you want get knee deep in the weeds read manual 2 from cover to cover. If you have electronics experience it should be enough to make the content meaningful.

FWIW I've had this circuit on the backburner and thought about it when I saw this post.

Ok you say Im pretty sure I know how to get this to work.  Problem is I have never programmed anything before. 

You need to adjust your mindset here. If you have never programmed anything before then you couldn't possibly know how to get this to work and you wouldn't be asking questions here.

A guide to the speakjet here.

Next or maybe first even you need to aquire the picaxe manuals and read them. All 3 of them. And then ask plenty more questions. Of course a picaxe and some hardware could help because all theory and no practice is pretty much as useless as tits on a bull.

Do you have any electronic experience? If not then you really are starting with nothing and you have no idea how to implement this.



Having confidence in your abilities is good but it needs to be based in this world, not in that world where you're also Superman, Macguyver and Rasputin rolled into one. If you can accept this advice and be prepared for a lot of failures before you succeed then yeah I'm sure you can do this. I'm not trying to be a smart arse but we get a lot of newcomers here who we have no idea of their previous experience wanting to "start out at level 455" instead of starting at level 1 blinking an led and working up towards an idea they might have.

You are certainly at the right place as there are plenty of helpful people here. Now I can take my bad cop hat off and let the other guys play good cop. I'm sure plenty of good advice will follow.