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Programing Picaxe

Ok so what I want to do is program my picaxe to turn my power head for my reef tank on and over evry 5 seconds aka run 5seconds off 5 seconds. What do I need/need to do to get it to do this. Any help would be great!

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If all that the PICAXE is going to do is pulse a pin 5sec on / 5sec off then you might as well go with a 555 timer as you get them for $0.99 (free shipping) [3 chips] at eBay

Look up 555 astable oscillators. There are calculators you can plug your on/off/time period numbers into and it will give you the resistors and capacitor necessary for the 555 chip to generate that pulse. Look into why and how to use a transistor or a FET as a switch. Then you need to hack into your powerhead and find the DC power supply line to the motor and insert a transistor/FET for the 555 to control.

If you're dead set on having to program something to make this work, for a PICAXE it's as simple as:


HIGH (whatever pin you chose here)


LOW (whatever pin you chose here)



to make it act like a simple 555 timer. Seems a waste on so many levels.

Ok thanks guys!