Let's Make Robots!

OK, finally signed up and a few questions...

Hi everyone.

After many days of looking around this site, I have finaly signed up, and, hope to start my new robot very soon.

However, I would like to ask, is it a case that the imagination really is the limit, or does the technology cause concern?

I ask this as I eventually would like to create a robot with advanced AI, and that can "learn".

I was also woundering if anyone has connected 2 or more MCU's to provide extra power, and maybe run larger, more complex code for these reasons?

I welcome any advice.

Thank you,



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Has anyone opened that .zip file? I fear it would be a lemonparty.org style prank. "Has life" is the last element of the description. I think you'd have trouble powering that much micro controller.

So it's a real video-looks like a small cell phone camera took it.  It's just the stack of boards you see in the photo and audio of a synthetic voice singing "ABC" and "Mary had a Little Lamb."  You can't tell if it's using a Babblebot or a Speakjet.  I don't know if it's a joke, but if it isn't, I think I'd like to see more impressive results.

Most people can't tell a genius from a crackpot...

For example:

Jaimie Mantzel => genius

Humanoido => crackpot

At first glance both sound crazy, however, one of them is crazy in a good way, the other is a fool

If you count the box I drew a face on and taped to a (tethered) remote control toy car, I've been building robots for almost 50 years.  Over the years, I've seen interest in robots come and go with changes in technology.  I've bought books by David Heiserman, Frank Stafford Jr, Martin Weinstein and Gordor McComb.  But I've never seen so much interest AND progress as we've had the past few years.

A few things seem to have come together all at the same time.  Interesting robots on film and TV that just beg to be duplicated.  Cheap and easy to program micro controllers. Open source software of all sorts.  Easy and low cost access to all sorts of electronic and mechanical hardware from all over the world.  And mind meets like LMR.

You'll spend a lot of time agonizing over how to solve specific problems, studying software and searching and collecting parts from all sorts of sources.  But if you put enough reasearch and effort into your project, yeah--You can accomplish pretty much anything you can imagine.

Thank you for the fast reply.

50 years? Thats great, and it is also good to know that with the time and effort, it is possible.

Well, its off to the drawing board for now as this is my first project, and I wish to keep it simple.


Thnak you again,


Your best bet for a that is to use Linux on a Raspberry Pi, this is what I am going to try with my robot.  This will provide you with a whole linux platform to play with and you could say implement the code in Python.  Use the Aurdino for the hardware layer to drive, motors, servos, led's, speakers etc.