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Programming a Sensor!

Hey Everyone!

I need your help!

This robot is my first robot...




started it last year and now I want to develop it. I want it now to operate by a sensor! just needed you to help me how to start!

oh yeah, this is the type of my sensor! it's a Dynamixel AX S1 that's detecting objects by a combination of IR and Sound!

Anyone is able to assist guys?! sure, I would appreciate it.



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Alright, I gotta be honest with you --your question could have been stated a bit better. I did some googling and I think I have filled in all the gaps, though. --Oh, and there is really no need for all the !!!!!'s.

Ok, you have a Dynamixel unit there which looks like a servo, but instead contains some IR distance sensors, a mic and a small speaker. It uses a 1/2 duplex serial connection and is wired to allow for easy daisy-chaining to other units. 

Your robot arm is also constructed using Dynamixel parts which (I assume) uses the same comunication protocal as your sensor.

You did not mention any control boards (either micro controller based or RS-232) and you did not mention what behavior you are looking for in terms of sensor values controlling the arm.

One way to control this arm would be to use a micro controller such as an Arduino. I believe there are libraries available for these Dynamixel servos. You would need to familiarize yourself with Arduino and Arduino code, how to work with libraries, how to wire these units to the Arduino itself, how to read values from your sensor, how to convert these values to a range that will work with your servos and finally, how to send that control data to your servos.

Also, there are manuals available that you should read. This is the one for your sensor. It shows wiring and communication protocols. There are also manuals for your servos as well, available at trossen. 


I wish I could tell you more, but I really have no idea where you are or where you are trying to get. Hopefully, I was able to give you some information that helped.