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Traveling (Fliying) with electronic parts

Hey guys! I am traveling with some electronic parts and was wondering if you guy had any tips.

  • BOM 
  • Lots of resistors 
  • Headers and sockets 
  • Two altiods tin sized plastic boxes 
  • Two PCBs 
  • Two panel mount buttons 
  • Foot of ribbon cable 
  • Roll of wire wrap 
  • Card reader 
  • Rubber feet

By the way this is in Check in Bagage.

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Never had a problem with tools or parts in checked bags. I've had a few questions asked about some sensors and cables that I left in my work laptop bag though... better to avoid the hassle and make sure everything goes into the right bag =)

Just finished the Domestic flight. Got through fine exept for I packed a water bottle in my carry on(Durr!).


Include  your equipment in your checked bags, rather than taking them with you in your carry on luggage. Also, check the TSA and airline website for information on restrictions.

after seeing your list, I would think that just keeping like items together should keep you out of trouble. I am, however, just guessing.