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What's difference inbetween parking and braking?

I am looking for a dual motor controller board and I found this one:


Something confuse me thou, what's different for PARK & BRAKE? is it like the shift N and P in the car?

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In addition to Kyle's insights, I would just say that you have to take translated eBay auction text with a grain of salt.  You can never quite be sure what the seller is trying to say in some cases.  (However, I will say that I've never gotten a product from Hong Kong that wasn't exactly what I expected.  I've always been happy with my cheap-out purchases.)

braking has the enable along with both motors high. While, 'parking' has the enable low. I would guess that parking in this case would be more like coasting rather than parking. I am not positive on the difference between using 'DIS' and not using 'EN'. Unless, 'DIS' is for use on something like a kill switch for motors; ie when DIS is high, ignore all other inputs.