Let's Make Robots!


nothing it's a freaking wip (rolls around blindly)


Hi all, This is the new bot I'm working on, simply called Tracked Bot #2 - TB2

It's pretty much a WIP and it will stay so for a while ... in the mean time pictures :)

Prototype #1:

From Share

This one did not work so well ... driving on the pegs makes things pretty darn complicated :/

Prototype #2:

From Share

... printing track links in soft PLA

From Share

.. whoa

From Share

... double whoa

From Share

... Track closeup

This Is what I got so far ... back to drawing stuff in Blender ... love the Prusa ... love it :)

Update 18-03-2012 - No #3

Updated the design to fix previous errors and managed to get the second track printed :)

See video ;P

From Share

Update 18-04-2012: No #5

Ran out of the red stuff printing and reprinting parts for #5, got it done just in time for yellow to go... but it's ok I got tons of other colors now.

Sorry for the video/picture quality ... latest phone update broke the focus :/



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O I digg it, TH, it's mean in a cool way!

STL files?

You go to the thingiverse link in my post below.

You click the link, page opens there is a big blue download button ... click it, you can either get the whole as a zip or individual files.

Yes. There are STL files. 


Would you care explaining a bit more your methodology in printing the tank treads? 

Awesome Job HinHead. I can't see any files on the blog page for this but is it possible to get the STL files that you made for the various parts, with my main interest being in the tracks? I would love to print out some of these and experiment with my robot!

If your so inclined, I'd like to see the software workflow ...

designed - sketchup
exported - ??
imported - gcode

Great work as usual TH !  Ya did lots since last I've been out of the salt mines... 

... for me:

1. design - my old favorite Blender

2. export - to STL which is a stupid format but everyone loves it

3. generate the Gcode - aka as slicing in the 3d printer world - I use Slic3r for that

4. load the Gcode in a so called host which send's it line by line trough serial to printer - I use Repetier for that it has nice features

5. the firmware on the printer get's the gcode interpreted and ... well it prints

Of course this is my flow. Many users like Sketchup or openscad or  some other 3d design program. There are also several alternatives for slicers too, and some for hosts too. Firmware? At least 4 major projects I know of and more minor ones.

As with all open source choices are vast :)

Thanks! Hope they do not put you back in to soon I might want to play with MRL on my olimex board (same cpu as chumby). 

Print your own treads. That rocks! Well done, Tinhead.

I never saw this before. Impressive work, TinHead :)

And nice designs!!

Thanks ;) I'll try to get a working one with me ....