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nothing it's a freaking wip (rolls around blindly)


Hi all, This is the new bot I'm working on, simply called Tracked Bot #2 - TB2

It's pretty much a WIP and it will stay so for a while ... in the mean time pictures :)

Prototype #1:

From Share

This one did not work so well ... driving on the pegs makes things pretty darn complicated :/

Prototype #2:

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... printing track links in soft PLA

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.. whoa

From Share

... double whoa

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... Track closeup

This Is what I got so far ... back to drawing stuff in Blender ... love the Prusa ... love it :)

Update 18-03-2012 - No #3

Updated the design to fix previous errors and managed to get the second track printed :)

See video ;P

From Share

Update 18-04-2012: No #5

Ran out of the red stuff printing and reprinting parts for #5, got it done just in time for yellow to go... but it's ok I got tons of other colors now.

Sorry for the video/picture quality ... latest phone update broke the focus :/



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You say the treads are printed in soft PLA. how durable are they?

Soft PLA is softer than normal PLA more like a kind of rubber. 

If printed properly the tracks hold up pretty well, as well as you could expect from a rubbery compound. Pull them apart with enough force they will snap in the end just like an elastic. 

what is next on the printing list - more robot/robot parts, a CNC or another Prusa ?

Well I think I'll do some more parts for this one, I'd like to add some nice covers and mounting plates ... oh yeah and a ultrasonic rangefinder on a microservo.

Prusa? Maybe ... but only spare parts for my self, not much sense on making another like it. That's unless someone wants a set which might be cheaper to get from ebay than from me as imported plastic is not cheap :/ Maybe a Printrbot or wallace just for the fun.

CNC? Actually I'm tempted yes, a specialised PCB mill ... but that's a lot of work/time ... don't know yet.

Most likely another bot design based on microservos to see how small I can get it :)

Wow that is awesome so far, you really have your Prusa tweaked!.

Amazing what you can do between blackouts. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your design.

Nice design TH! cant wait to see the video.