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<wheeled> navigate autonomously indoors using IR proximity sensors

Hi all, My first post here. Currently posting one of my 3 robots. I will name this one 'sc00t3r', just scooting around in the room. :) wheels are from a laser cut acrylic board 5m thick, with rubber edges as its traction. gearmotors are generic clones.Sensor is from DPRG site named IR proximity sensor. It uses a 12C508/9 PIC chip, bunch of LEDs and a 38KHz IR sensor module(found on TVs/VCR). Control to motor is from a PIC12F675 -> PWM control -> motor drivers. Language used is Hitech C. Still new to this though so my code is pretty basic = basic movements! will keep updating this , so stay tuned. Thank you!


video uploaded (initial)


shown here with the idler wheel.. UGLY! :D next time im going upgrade that...















Wheels removed to show the gearmotor used. top board is the main board,lower right is the

modular board for motor drive. front shows the IR proximity sensor.















Top view of the main board showing the PIC, logic chips, LED indicators, trimpot (speed control, for PWM)















Another view of the main board, motor driver board removed..





























HARDWARE UPDATE : march 26, 2012


still using DC geared motors for locomotion but changed to piacxe 08M for the proccessor and an ultrasonic module for sensing..

side view..

front view..shows how servo pan is mounted

now the picaxe board...and yeah its working now ... :-)

maybe I will just post THIS a new BOT entry? still learning picaxe basic syntax.. see ya!!

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Kuya sa e-gizmo mo ba nabili ung wheels nyan?



another hardware update.... :)

Nice video. Keep up the good work.

Wow, that's pretty cool. I hope that you can build it more and provide as many updates as possible. Building a robot that won't run into things seems to be trick, so thanks for sharing.

Hi, thanks. currently its dismantled right now.. thinking of using a servo + ultrasonic module for front navigation, and transfer that IR module at the back of the bot.. :)

I'm curious to see the turning action of the off-center front wheel. Could you post a video, please?

well my purpose of that wheel was to keep the bot from "nose diving" often.. w/c falsely triggered the IR proximity sensor.. wheel diameter is kind-of large.. so the bot swings a lot, like a see-saw when it moves forward/backward... I have a short clip here but I dont know if I could directly upload the file to LMR w/o storing it to youtube 1st.. will try

You will need to upload to a 3rd party video hosting site, like YouTube or Vimeo. Then you add the link at the bottom of your post.

hardware (Base) is I think? final.. for the sensor/s, will be adding some soon.. maybe some tactiles for 'last resort' sensing... and for the program, needs lot of tuning :)

and yeah, I love the wheels too :D basically, this hardware configuration is copied from LMR starter robot (I like bots w/c fit in the palm of your hand)...



I love bots made with home turned boards. Very nice personal touch to the traditional start here robot. Love the wheels too.