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stupid tech

is it just me or should some things never have been invented?


for me its the handwash dispenser that you dont have to touch in case you get bacteria on yourself. There is ONE thing on the planet you can guarantee you will wash your hands after using...and they try to sell it as being usefull.

advertising how much better blue-ray looks than DVD...ON A DVD!!!  comes close second.

or am i being too picky?


any other ideas greatly welcome


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regarding the blue ray / DVD thing... i own DVD's where they advertise blue rays on them and show a split screen...one half is DVD - one half blue ray...and then tell us the blue ray is much better quality - you can see it yourself... but they are both DVD!!  ie they have deliberatly reduced the quality of the DVD.



any other idea's peeps?


About the Handwash dispencer that's just silly.

But about the Blue-ray movie It's not just a normal DVD but A Blue-ray DVD and that's kinda better so the movies are better on blue-ray,

This made me chuckle, and you are not being too picky at all.

I know someone who has the old hand dispenser next to a hands free dispenser; oh dear!