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Eight servos - Picaxe 28

I'm trying to build a climbing robot with a Picaxe-28 project board, however according to my design, I need 8 servos. Do you think there would be a problem to plug so many of those? Is there a way to feed the servos from two different sources of energy? As far as I know, the board I'm using is capable to manage that amount of servos. What do you think?

I know nothing about this so maybe a little orientation about what should I read would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Check out the Picaxe for Dummies post and read up on V1/V2. You can supply a separate voltage to power your servos, which I would definitely recommend in this case. 

You have 3 wires on the servo, 1 is signal (connects to the controller) and the other 2 are the positive and negative lead. You can hook these up to a separate power supply. I had problems working that many servo's on 1 controller (noise, jittering). Especially when using powerfull servo's I would not hook 8 of them up to a pic controller.

i'm a beginner too but as i understand it removal of the "two pin link" would allow your outputs to be connected to a different power source. Whether you would actually need to do this is a different matter... why not try and see - as long as you arnt putting enough power in to blow it up i dont see why it would be a problem