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Yubin Kun

High-function exploration platform, MacIntosh computer based with arm and iSight on Roomba

"Yubin Kun" is the first robot to join the human cause in Dr. Daniel H. Wilson's book "Robopocalypse." The only things my Yubin Kun has in common with his namesake are green intention lights and a "crude aluminum arm."

The object of the project was to build a Mac-based autonomous robot with high-utility potential. The video is a hardware demo only, with me controlling it via VNC (basically using the iPad as a remote control.) You can see how simple vision processing would make the unit quite powerful for simple clean up. (I was envisioning something for cancer patients and the elderly-anyone who would have a more than unfair time of picking up the stuff that ends up on everyone's floor.)

The base is a gutted Roomba (first generation), the body was part of a diaper genie, the head was an Airport Base Station, the arm is powered by an HS-805BB servo, and the head and gripper use HS-422s. The Powerbook was purchased with a bad display, which worked to my advantage because I just tore it off anyway, and is interfaced to the robot using Phidgets (a 1061 Advanced Servo and a 1018 Interface Kit 8/8/8.)

While the unit is complete, there is always more programming to do. For example, I'd love to try to port Roborealm to the Mac.  Also, anyone with success getting the Phidget 1061 to respond to c or applescript on the Mac, please contact me.  However, since I started on the next project, the poor guy has just sat under the workbench waiting for me to recharge his batteries.

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your robot is great!

keep going dude!


Nice! I love it.

BTW, what's the song in the video? Nevermind. Dr. Steel's Build the Robots. I thought it sounded familiar. Love that guy.

This is so much fun! Well done! I love it! Woo-hoo! Kind of what I had in mind for my butler robot, but I was thinking having the robot bend down or as I built it, to have it lower the upper torso on the black pipe to reach the floor, picking up toys, socks, whatever. Your robot is very inspiring!


WOW, that is amazing!  What a great robot you got going there.  It looks like a robot, moves well, and even has a very cool working arm.  Great job.  The video is very entertaining as well.  Thanks for letting us see how it's coming along. 

The iSight is one of my all time favorite pieces of technology. It is beyond beautiful, simple and neat with that incredible iris inside. The mechanism is flawless with the perfect amount of snap as it is opened and closed. Its the right diameter and the square edges are just right. The firewire mount swivel has just the right amount of tension. You just wanna hold that camera in you hands. Not to mention (for its time) its image quality was amazing. I would give my left arm to see two of them on a bot side-by-side.

I had no idea anyone still had one of those working. So super happy to see it on a bot.

I probably got the last functioning one eBay will ever list for under $50!