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Navigates via Ultrasound, annoys the dogs

"SpiDuino" because of course it's Arduino for brains, and if you watch the end of the video it tries to climb up the wall.  Gets about to 90 degrees, too.  This is a variation on the "Start Here" robot that this site is famous for.  Essentially I wanted to test the base and the SN754410, which I was having trouble with and noted in this node.  Obviously I got it going, but special thanks to ChrisTheCarpenter and Kyle (birdmun) for their guidance.  (Incidentally, who knows why it worked this time and it wouldn't on the bench.  My guess is that the robot gods just saw fit to smile on my efforts today.  That or the motors were just better.)  

Everything is modular here.  I can pull the "brains" off and drop them right back on with the pull of four breadboard wires.  All the parts of this robot are slated for dismantle and most of it will be re-integrated into a "server" unit which will use PIR sensors to locate moving objects, approach that motion and offer the object a drink or a snack before going off on its merry way (should be good for parties-both for serving functions and for entertainment, like when it tawdles up to an oscillating fan and says "Would you like a soda?  I have Yellow, brown and diet brown.")  I'll probably end up upending a dustbin and attaching it to the base to get it to a useful height without a lot of extra weight.

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Of course mine's a RAD 1.0, is this the 2.0 base? Also the Omnibot base comes off easily but who wants to chop up an Omnibot. :-)

Anyhow looks cool but I see it could use a lookaround() function,

I'm not sure which version the base is-it didn't come with the rest of the robot when I got it.  I think the guy I was talking about in MO bought them wholesale when Nintendo or whatever stopped making them.  As far as lookaround goes, I didn't put the ping on a servo, so what it does is pick a random direction to turn.  If you're not building a map it's a little quicker in reaction times.

Nice robot platform. 

I found that seller on eBay. If you can find a used RAD 2.0, you can get that base much cheaper. I lucked into one for just few buck on Craigslist.

Dang.  Then of course there's the heartbreak of destroying a (hopefully) functioning cool toy that you would have killed for as a child, but it's good to know.  I'm pretty happy with the balance of the motors/gearboxes.  Both are driven at a 127 PWM value in the video.  I must admit though, I do check CL for the keywords "robot" and "roomba" every week day.  So far the only hits have been my shop roomba and a Robosapien V1 that I refurbed and gave to a co-worker's kids.

I've also got a RAD. I paid a couple dollars for mine. I've done the ultimate hack on it. I've turned it into a dust collector, because all it does is collect dust sitting on my floor.

If you have a Goodwill store where you live, check it often. You can buy primo robot fodder by the pound. They literally sell this stuff by its weight. My local store gets between .35 and .79 cents per pound depending on what your buying.

Add a tilt sensor to detect when it's climbing the walls.

Looks like the base of a R.A.D. ?


I found a pic of the RAD base on theoldrobots.org.  It looks like that's what it is.  I assume the guy I got this from bought the remaining stock from Tyco or something.  He had a bunch of them on eBay for around $50 and I thought I'd give it a shot.