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Arduped (tm) biped robot

walks around, looks funny.

After seeing a couple really cool examples of "four degrees of freedom" biped out there, I decided that I would make some cool feet and make the robots a bit more creature-like. Current ideas for cool feet are beasty feet, mech-like feet, rock feet.. you know. The preceding examples of this type of robot used the pcb as the mounting point for the servos, and I've made a generic baseplate with room for a mini breadboard or your own preferred platform. I've also added a "neck" servo for looking around and ultrasonic sensor for sight. I plan to make a housing and more creature feet for this as there is much potential for customization. The code I'm using is a derivation of the functions and primitives written for uBipedino (tm) by user Ro-Bot-X on the Let's Make Robots site. It is the part of the robot that is in progress, as I am working to fine tune the ultrasonics. The link to Ro-bot-X's wonderful creation is here: letsmakerobots.com/node/30394 Arduped's home is at: handmadecircuits.com and files are at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:19594 ps. Yes I'll edit the video with some LMR love..

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Tanks is amazing people like you helping people like me :=

i like the green feet. smooth walking..

Hello sir, may i ask for the code, i want to build one for my self but the link to buy the kit is broken.

Hey! I can try and dig it up, but you might be a bit better off using some of the code from the other bipeds on here. TED or BOB are great and have been driving forward code developments for these bots. 


Parts however, I have spares of. I'm in the process of having my work be optioned for a local nonprofit, and have needed to stop making sales in order not to compete with them, and so I definitely have a spare set you can have. Just pay shipping, maybe? I'd love to help you get some printed pieces. 

how much would it cost ?

I like it :)


Haha, cool little walker (just have to collect it). Yeah, the green feet are awesome. 

Nice and cute ;)

I like the green feet!