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Palocell - 8 x 1100mAh AAA NiMH for under 6 quid!

Just come across these very cheap, high capacity AA and AAA NiMH cells on Amazon - 8 x 1100mAH AAA for under 6 quid delivered.  UK company - Worcester based, but I can't get much sense from their website ( http://www.palo.co.uk/ ).  I can't find any independent test data on them - The only promising link is a 404. Anybody had any experience with these? 


From their sales pitch : "We found the best capacity and had the batteries made under our brand name Palocell. We believe there the best AAA on the market in our opinion after selling batteries under over 10 different brand names before this."

(I've no connection with the company  - Just looking for a bargain #;¬)

*** Update - I've ordered some - I'll report back ***