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omocha 2012

collects cans into the "depot"

i decided to build this robot for Istrobot 2012, namely Ketchup House contest. LEGO was the choice, as there wasnt enough time and requirements were for quite a powerful bot able to move cans with tomato sauce weighting about 160g each. plus i wanted to try it this way and as there is plenty of room (max robot size is 30x30cm) this was ideal for lego aproach.

further info with videos will follow once i manage to implement algorithm to follow grid lines and collect cans.

added first viedeo - following straight line.

added video - detecting intersections and following line after turning

added video - navigation over the grid with can collection

work finished. the build was not as stable as should have been and ive had some problems with sensors on the competition board as well.

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ohh i want to see it working :(