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Dear LMR

Frits has organized some give-aways with the intension to give all donors something back as a sign of gratitude.

But there are more donors than give-aways. So we need to make a selection.

Andrew and I have gathered all the names together of the people that donated to LMRv4.

Now we would like to have a robot that makes the selection for us. So this is a good reason to start a Robot Challenge.



The goal is to draw five winners out of all donors.


So here is my question to you:

What should be required from the Robot Challenge? What rules are needed? Can you give us an outline of a robot idea that has to be built to meet the given goal?


More detailed specification

The skill-level should be from beginner to advanced.

The robot must be able to make random selections from a pool of names. There are five prizes, and just in case we want to pull 5 alternate winners. So we need 10 names picked.

The rules for the drawing will be that the first name picked gets their choice of the prizes, the second name picked gets their choice of the remaining, etc. So the robot challenge must be able to support that.

Ideally, the winner of the challenge would have their robot pick the winners for the donor drawing on a live video stream (on YouStream, perhaps). This way we can watch the action live and also record it for later.


Let's hear your ideas for the challenge rules!



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I always assumed that the challenge is to demonstrate a system that can do the draw, the actual draw should probably be broadcast live

This does mean that you need a robust setup :)

I have so many ideas .... :)

As I see this is what we're going to do:


it should be a mechanical solution. throw a dart on a wall with all the names on a sticky note, throw a dice (assign names before the draw), the beads thing from IG, names in ping pong balls without outer markings and all the same color picked by a autonomous robot, all this is fine ;-) 

oh...how about using the bipeds which are supposed to have a online football match in a death match? Group the donators and let them fight their prize. last standing robot wins and goes to the next stage. 

Ha ha. So many great ideas and comments.

I think we'll get the challenge issued very soon, so you'll be able to put your ideas to the test!

Do you want to give it a try to wrap up the findings we have from this forum?

I can't get to it until tonight. Feel free to create the challenge page.