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Choices in Ultrasonic Rangfinders


I am looking at ordering an ultrasonic sensor for use on robot #2.  I will order it from Solarbotics, since I was pleased with their previous service and they have some other stuff I can combine it with in the order.

There is some really good information on LMR about the SRF05 so I am inclined to go with that since its well documented here.

At the same time, they have some interesting choices like the MaxSonar-EZ0 and MaxSonar-EZ1 along with the SRF02.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations (or warnings) in regards to these various ultrasonic range finders?

I will certainly be using it with a PICAXE 28X1 on their very pleasant development board.  Robot #2 will be an indoor bot attempting to roam around without bumping into anything too hard.


           Thanks for any suggestions,


                           Hal (kingart3)



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Ez1 is a great unit, and it works without tying up an echo and trigger pin separately. Just power, ground and a relative voltage for signal. It's pretty pricey by Chinese eBay standards, but effective and analog. Still, I live and die by the HC-SR04. Microsecond timing and pretty reliable measurement algorithms for about four bucks. If you're in the US, might I suggest ordering from Rocket Brand? You'll probably end up waiting a shorter period and Chris is a pretty cool guy. So is Dave Hrynkiw, but I just hate trying to track that Canadian to US post xover.

Thanks for the advice Max. 

I hadn't noticed much on the EZ sensors and I was curious to get some feedback.  I did a search earlier and there is more on the site about them than I realized.

I live in Florida, USA.  I'll take a look at Rocket Brand, just to see what they got.

          Thanks again,

                     Hal (kingart3)

Thanks Chuck and Bajdi for the advice. 

After looking over the attached PDF the parallax PING looks easier to use than I would have guessed.  Thanks for passing me the info.  I hadn't even thought to look on Ebay for this stuff, great hint.

I paid about £4/£5 each for some small IR sensors (non ranging), but I have just discovered that I can get SR04's on ebay for half of what I paid for a non-ranging IR sensor with poor detection range!  I'd written off ultrasonic sensors for a while because the cheapest I could find them was around £15 each...  The thought of looking on eBay never even entered my head!

I know it can be a lottery when it comes to eBay, but for that price I'm not going to quibble.

I have HC-SR04 and SRF06 modules, both seem to work the same. The SRF06 has a bit more range. You can find the SR04 modules for less then 4$ on Ebay.

is the most reliable i've found out of the 2 i have tried (HC-SR04) being the other . but they cost a bit more and use 1 less pin