Let's Make Robots!

Just ordered my first robot parts


I just ordered my first robot parts from robotshop.com. Unfortunately some of the parts are out of stick, and the order will first be shipped on April 7, 2012 :( 

This is what i ordered:

Arduino UNO

Adafruit Motor Shield


Ultrasonic sensor 

2WD Beginner Chassis 

Bump Switch 

And some other standard parts (Breadboard, Jumpers and such)


Cant wait for the order to arrive!!! :D

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The waiting is killer! But congrats! Be sure let us all know what your working on and take lots of pictures!

Well, April 7...use the time to think about what you wanna do with that parts. If you already got an idea then check if you can improve it. Go to collect tons of tutorials (programming, DIY things etc.), information about your targeted design, infos about batteries, microcontrollers, sensors etc. All this will help you getting your task done without "blue smok" :-)