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Ultra noob first post


Is it possible to get a GPS output from something (I was thinking Arduino + GPS), and transmit the location? I have a friend who has a quadcopter with a gps enabled controller, which can 'return home' on command. What I would like to do, is use another quad to send it's position as the current 'home' position, and have the second quad follow it around...


Cheers - AC

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Sure can:

Do you need to transmit the GPS co-ordinates from one quadcopter directly to the other, or will there be another transmitter involved? What sort of range do you need to cover?

Wow. That was quick! All good questions, and at this point I am not sure.The 'GPS enabled' quad, can receive inputs from a laptop - i.e. point and click on a map, and the quad flies there. I expect I will need another transmitter to transmit GPS data from the 'master' quad to the base station, interface with the software somehow, and transmit that back to the slave.

The gps unit on the slave, is the FY-91Q (manual here:http://www.sierra.ro/upload/File/Instructiuni_pdf/FY91Q_Instructions.pdf

Interesting is this:

--- paste ---


a. The FY91Q supports OSD data output via UART interface. 

b. By connecting this interface to the AP117 OSD, telemetric data such as GPS, flight 

navigation, AHI and autopilot modes can be displayed on your downlink video.   

c. The UART Interface can also be connected to the FY-606 digital data radio system, 

which establishes a bi-direction radio communication between the FY91Q and your 

portable computer. 

d. By uploading our Ground Control Software (GCS) (free from our website), you can 

monitor your flight on the GCS map, display on-board telemetry data and control the 

aircraft flight path via the click of your mouse

--- snip ---