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XCopter - I am horrible with original names..


   Although this project is marked complete, as we all know are they ever really complete??  Anyway I again used the arduino UNO as my microcontroller as I really love their products..I have also used the SparkFun 9DoF sensorstick for the gyros,accelerometer, and magnetometer.. I used the FreeIMU code to read the sensorstick and produce a filtered yaw/pitch/roll angles.. They really did a great job and I didn't feel the need to attempt to reinvent the wheel on that as I have already done some filtering code on my balancing robot.. From there I really ran into trouble with the reciever code so I borrowed that from the BaronPilot project.. Other than that the rest was mine(although I admit they took care of all the really complicated stuff.. hehehe).. I will spend some more time tuning the PID parameters and also I still have to implement the yaw sensor, apart from that I may add a barometer sensor or maybe a ultrasonic sensor for altitude but that would likely be it for this one...

   I am quite happy with the way that it turned out and I am looking forward to the next one which I already have some plans for and pieces.. Next up I intend to make a larger one that is capable of more autonomous control and heavier weight.. Then really far into the future, lol, I intend to do a large scale variable pitch design that will hopefully carry quite a bit more wieght ( shooting for maybe around 30-50lbs)..

   Anyway I hope you enjoy this little guy and as always if you want/need any info please let me know..

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Looks like a really cool project. I've been researching for about a month on how to make one over the summer. If you wouldnt mind could you send some of the more specific details of this project like part lists or ect to cameronbarron91@yahoo.com if not i completely understand. Just want to get a feel for what different people are using.

 i want to make it for my project in clg.... can you send all details....

my contact id... dhaval808@gmail.com....

thank you.

hi, i want to know that you used to do and also the circuit this is my e mail nachosuarez98@gmail.com

actually its a cool name 

Nice quadcopter, I am also tryna build a quad but right now i am just collecting parts. can you please tell me what sensor did u use for the balancing. was it the 9 degrees freedom one from sparkfun cause thats what it looks like in the picture. also can you please show me the code of how u did it because the way I am trying to build is to control it via wifi but atleast i will get the idea on how u implemented the sensors and motor controllers :)

Hi, Dallaby

im making a similar project for my uni assignment and i would really appriciate if you could send me the the parts list and the code over my email

( bikram.3p@gmail.com )

Thank you


wonderful job!!

Cool, great idea with plexiglass. I am giong to build my own quadrocopter. How do you read data from reciever ?

Thats pretty awesome! Btw...can i see your code? I've had plans to make a quadrocopter with a duino but needed some example code.