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Newish to robotics, i was in lego robotics in junior high (grade 7-8 i think) and we actually got to go to atlanta goerga for the lego robotic world championchip, which was a really good experiance, we were like 52 place out of 80 some odd, so we never did the worst, but we still had 52 people who were better than us there. many of them were asian who were really good at it just so you know. i also took exploring teck as a class twice in highschool and one of the assignments was to make a remote controll robot with vex robotic kits, that would pick up a tennis ball, bring it up a ramp, and place it in a cup. i think that my first one was a bit iffy, but the second one pwned butt when we did it, and we had a competition to race for the ball and put it in the can, the other robots were faster than mine, but mine was geared to be stronger, so when they went after the ball and i went in the defence position on the ramp, it was cool we never lost :P we ended up stealing the ball from them and getting it up the ramp and in the can.

anyway, i am sort of new to designing building, and programing robots, but at the same time i have experiance with building them too.

so there it is, that is me in the robotics world. more to come soon!