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Does anyone know how to get a 28x1  picaxe project board to recieve messages from an 18 pin project board? is it built in?


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There is always the option to use serial comms as well. One could even do serial via IR if they would like --Almost the same setup as the Sony IR stuff, but a little more flexible.


I haven't tried this yet, but if I was connecting two PICAXE boards I would be tempted to try something called I2C.   This discussion link might be of some help.



I happen to know what Jennifer has in mind and I think the I2C thing is not a viable alternative in this case. She has expressed great interest in Mazvydas' Robot Hand. I think she's trying to replicate the way he controls the hand from afar with a glove via IR communication.

Oh right, I had forgotten about the glove thing.  Yes  you are right IR is the way to go for that.  I'm getting confused in my old age.  What were we talking about again?  Never mind ...LOL.

Yes it is. The Sony IR communications protocol is built into most (all now?) of the PICAXE chips. You should look at the IRIN and IROUT commands in the PICAXE Manual 2. It helps explain the process. There are other ways to communicate via IR but that is the easiest to use IMO.

Hmm I guess Hippy's PICAXE site is down, a shame. It was a true resource. I saved his IR interfacing page though. You might find it useful. Right click the link and "save target as." It will not open properly. Be sure to also maintain the ".mht" extension when you save it or it will come out in .html gibberish...


I should add that some of his information is dated like the use of infrain and infraout. They've been replaced by irin and irout. Also the only chip that used to do IR communications was the 08M but things have advanced and it is no longer the only one that can. All the same there's good reading in there about the subject.