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Rubik's cube solving robot


I am planning to build a Rubik's cube solving robot. I want to use the Cube Explorer. This program contains already a webcam scanning function of the cube surface, and the algorithms the program are using, are probably the fastest and most advanced. My problem is now, how I get my micro controller to communicate with the Cube Explorer. Cube Explorer outputs the solving movements in a simple code like R2 B2 R2 F' L2 F D2 L2 F' R2 B2 F' R2 D R' D B' R2 D' B' D U', which can be easily translated and converted into movements by the micro controller.

Further references:

How to use the Cube Explorer video

This project uses the libusb-win32 library for communication (but I have no clue about that yet).


Any thoughts, suggestions?




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Hi Lumi,

Well, the real difficult thing would do the Cube Explorer :)

Sent you an email about Hacker Space.

Yes, indeed. 

You got a reply ;-)

Wow Markus, you always pick the difficult projects ;-) Good luck with that...right now I can't help you since I never solved the cube by myself ;-)