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HeinyBot 2.0 Robotic Waiter

Serves beer cans (or any other can).

HeinyBot 2.0, robot waiter in process of construction 100%. Four modes of operation provided. Manual, Static Waiter, Dynamic Waiter and Presentation. In manual mode using the remote control presented in this forum, section Something else. I promise more videos.


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Step aside sliced bread, there is a new greatest thing and it serves beer.

I can't wait to see a build log for this; I just have to have a go at building something like this!

A work of both art and technology!

This has to be one of the best robots on LMR. Very awesome!

Incredibly impressive work.  So many servos, and so expressive.  Very well done indeed...for some reason I am left feeling thirsty for more.

Seen @Campus party in Berlin. Cool little guy and very funny speech. You got an awesome robot here...

Thank you very much, Lumi. Congratulations on your participation in CpEurope. I enjoyed meeting your group and such fantastic things that you can build in a moment. I remember the lamp made ​​with LEDs and plastic glasses. See you soon.

Greetings ;-)


Thanks too buddy. Yep, you met us in our best performance. Building things out of almost nothing is one of our strengths ;-)

Yes, i hope to see you guys again some day, maybe in Barcelona next year.


Great Job!

Very nice job. This one has real character. Well done.