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HeinyBot 2.0 Robotic Waiter

Serves beer cans (or any other can).

HeinyBot 2.0, robot waiter in process of construction 100%. Four modes of operation provided. Manual, Static Waiter, Dynamic Waiter and Presentation. In manual mode using the remote control presented in this forum, section Something else. I promise more videos.


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Very nice job. This one has real character. Well done.

Ja Ja -Eso es muy humorístico. Muy bueno.


Hello again friends:

I uploaded a new video about my robotic waiter. This time shows his abilities as a waiter autonomous in static mode. I hope you like it.







  I am very happy you like it. In fact looks like a single project but the truth is it's a small set of interrelated projects. For example, the construction of the eyes has been a major challenge for me, but the same has happened with the remote control, the voice system or the construction of the clamp.

Greetings. ;-)


So many people quoted this as a cute robot. But people forget to mark the smartness of this bot over its cuteness. Because this robot is Cute, Brave and Smart in one. So I can title it as Big blast ina small packet. I recall one of very nice cute quotes - Art is a collabration between God and the artist and the less the artist does the better. Same is in the field of technology. But Bravo Cute work with smark brain.Gudluck!

Really great robot! Good job! :)


I love it! It shows both technical skill and great design with lots of personality. I can't wait to see more.

cute robot!!!

great job

cute robot!!!

great job

Great robot. i like the eyes very much. good work becdanek