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HeinyBot 2.0 Robotic Waiter

Serves beer cans (or any other can).

HeinyBot 2.0, robot waiter in process of construction 100%. Four modes of operation provided. Manual, Static Waiter, Dynamic Waiter and Presentation. In manual mode using the remote control presented in this forum, section Something else. I promise more videos.


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Excellent work,  I'd like to see the mechanics of the arm in detail.  Do the servos have enough power to hold a full can of beer ?

Also, what motors are you using to drive the robot ?

Damo2 Hello, I'm glad you like it.
Here is a link to my blog where you can see a photo of the arm in more detail. It has 3servo 10kg and a 15 kg (the shoulder). With this configuration the system is capable ofhandling a full beer can, and put it out of your body but I'm going to empty a can so thatthe shoulder servo does not suffer much. For the movement has two gear motors directlycoupled to the wheels.



Awesome bot!!!!

Hail becdanek!!!


I just seen your blog as well, good stuff on the building of the eyes!!

An excellent demonstration of dedication, attention to detail and robotics skills, bravo!

Great robot! You should check this out to keep the drink cold.http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/accessories/96b3/

Thanks electricChef,  I'll remember this for future versions. I like it!!   ;-)

WOW! Al those different movements gives him a nice personality


Hello to all colleagues! I'm glad you like it, your comments give me encouragement to continue working on projects as laborious like this because I have more than one year with him and still not finished at all. As I said before this is the manual mode of operation and are not yet finished the other modes. I can comment about the electronics which consists of a set of boards designed for each project and other purchased. The main microcontroller is 18F452 and is where does the main program. For the management of the servos I used a card designed by a friend of mine and also used in my previous SAM-H project (which you can see also in LMR).This card uses a 18F4550 and is capable of handling up to 24 servos by UART. All movements are recorded in memory of 512K with a software for this card and of course, is a free download on its website. The third pic I've used in the slave board created specifically to manage communications between the XBee and master pic. Is a 16F877A and communicates with the XBee by UART and the master pic through an 8-bit bus. It also performs signaling functions of the mode of operation. To communicate with the bot use a PS2 controller to which I have changed all the electronics for using an XBee. This remote control is here in LMR. 

Greetings and sorry for my English.   ;-)


As others said before me, that robot is fantastic. Es muy fantastico.

There are so many great points, -- gripping hands, eye lids, eye movement in both axes, head movement (up, down, right and left also), wheel drives, and I like the way you have given him decorative formal clothing. With the heineken beverage containers, I can see where he got his name. :-)   He certainly has charm and personality.  There are so many features...  the right hand holding out for a tip and the little container to comes out to catch the money, then his internal drink storage and the way the left hand was made especially to reach for such a drink and serve it...  Amazing.

I commend you highly on this robot. Tell us more about how he works and how he was programmed. I know many people here would love to read about it.

Also, I see you have used three different Pic controllers to do different functions. May I ask how they are interfaced to each other? --I²C or serial or interrupts or something else?