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HeinyBot 2.0 Robotic Waiter

Serves beer cans (or any other can).

HeinyBot 2.0, robot waiter in process of construction 100%. Four modes of operation provided. Manual, Static Waiter, Dynamic Waiter and Presentation. In manual mode using the remote control presented in this forum, section Something else. I promise more videos.


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Wow! That's inspiring.Also, I need a beer now.


WOW, that is just completely amazing.  I am stunned at how many cool things this robot can to.  It's like watching a Swiss watch in action.  Congratulations, its fantastic, thanks for showing it to us.

Wow! What can I say?... Respect, man! Well done.

That's how it's done, folks. Collected!

i love how it opens up and and can reach in side and the way it wakes up and comes to life . 10 points for the use of the mini keg and cans


As soon as I saw this one I thought what a great little character. You've managed to build a lot of personality into what is essentially some beer cans. Lol. Then I watched the video and saw how much work you put into his actions. Much respect.

Could you possibly add a little extra documentation about his construction. That would be nice if you could. Great work.

So many axis and such a precision... This robot is something to go for. Collected!

Can you tell a bit more about the eye movement and the mechanics behind it?

Just found how you make it. Thanx for sharing.

Beeeeerrrrrr...... Nice bearbot! Like the way you put everything all together.