Let's Make Robots!

my first encounter of MCU and BOTs

Navigate around using IR LEDs and detectors, play sumo, etc...

This was my first robot last 2008. I've worked on IR LEDs and Detectors to avoid the wall. Its movement is quite slow as it uses only 2 servo motors. Though only two pairs of IR LEDs and detectors, it has fairly good (small) range of vision. I am planning to put an ultrasonic sensor to help it in its movement and detection of obstacles (in this case the wall).

The sensors (IR LEDs and detectors) are from my other robot, but the design and circuits are virtually the identical.

BoeBot and SumoBots by Parallax.


My own version of SumoBots, using PIC16F877A and run by PICBasic Pro. (sorry no video yet). Next project in the future is to test it by using C/C++ programs.

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At last! i posted my 2nd robot show.